Our Service

Tarmac is offering asset management services because our customers tell us they need it.

By working closely with our customers we can develop optimised works programmes and maintenance strategies that help to promote innovation, deliver better performance and improve customer satisfaction.

As a contractor we are well placed to implement and manage the approach and as experts in asphalt technology, we are uniquely placed to recommend solutions to drive cost efficiency and durable performance. Most importantly as the first end to end, and integrated asset management solution, we offer a true collaborative approach to managing the UK’s highways network.

With our partners we offer a comprehensive range of asset management solutions.

Highway infrastructure asset valuation

  • A comprehensive range of surveys

Funding bid support

  • Evidence to support funding applications

Programme modelling

  • Maintenance prioritisation and deterioration schedules
  • Backlog analysis against defined service level targets
  • Materials selection for cost effective and resilient performance


  • Better information management


  • International asset management standard


  • Officer training and continuous professional development

Investment modelling

  • Design of long term investment models
  • Financial and deterioration programme models

Data management

  • Manage data or integrate it into individual operational systems
  • Realtime data on works